Each year, approximately 4,400 children commit suicide due to bullying.Bullied Dying to Fit In is every bullied person’s story and needs to be heard.  Will you listen? 

The book captures the raw emotional side of bullying. Though everyone’s bully story is different, the pain felt is the same.The broken-heart tells the tale. Bullied Dying to Fit In takes the bullied, the non-bullied and even the bully on an emotional roller-coaster of tears, insight and triumph.  

For Teens, Parents, School Counselors & Teachers.

Additional information about the book, 'Bullied Dying to Fit In', including other retail locations, libraries, press release and author interview, can be found HERE

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Dying to Fit In

Dear Mom, Dear Dad


Unbelievable Pain

No Angel Am I -Slut Shaming

I Fake A Smile

Listen Up

I Will Be But A Memory


Every Bullied Person's Story
Will You Listen?

How should I end it and if I did would you care?

Shut the F-Up

Life's Test - B for Bullied

My Tears Are Not Slight

Put the Right Foot Forward

Game Over