My Little Peanut Does the Nuttiest Things!

My little peanut does the nuttiest things. After a turn of the page you will see what I mean. I love my little peanut, as you love yours too. But, as a parent you can’t help but wonder, why do kids do what they do?”

Parenting and toddler hilarity in a nutshell.

The 34-page book is packed with verses which capture the familiar issues parents often face when dealing with a toddler – asking a repeated question, angel at home/devil in public, tantrums (yours and theirs) – the list goes on. The frustrations quickly become relatable chuckles as parents reflect on their own toddler’s nutty behavior with each turn of the page.

With illustrations by Elizabeth Marie A., My Little Peanut Does the Nuttiest Things is both adorable and pants-weeing funny.

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