Book Reviews

“I cannot wait to read books written by amazing and talented authors.”

What books do you review?
Children’s Books (Mainstream and Christian): Picture Books, Rhythmic Books, Fairy tale Books, Fantasy Books and Activity Books.  No Chapter Books/Middle Grade Fiction at this time.

How do I request a book review?
Please contact me via the
page and include a synopsis of your book, including the number of pages.
Let me know where the book is currently available for purchase.
Do not include links.  Just tell me (Amazon/Barnes & Noble) etc.
Please put “Book Review Request: Title of your book” in the subject line of your email.
Do not send any attachments unless specifically requested.
Any emails containing unsolicited attachments will be discarded.

I am currently reviewing print books only. But, I will consider ebooks from Amazon. I do not accept PDF or other electronic copies of any kind. Your book must be complete and available for purchase by the readers.

I will respond to your email initially to let you know I received it and then again if I have chosen to review your book. Allow at least one month before sending me a follow-up email to your initial inquiry.

Once I have agreed to review your book, I will provide you with an address to which you can mail your book.

PLEASE NOTE: If you would like to have your book returned, be sure to include a self-addressed-stamped-envelope. If not, then your book will be donated to a children’s charity. Please feel free to autograph your book, as a signed book by an author is always a treat for an ill child to receive.

Do you accept self-published authors?
Yes…but your self-published work must be produced by an established company and be available for purchase through their web site or on a major bookseller site.

Do you accept books from independent, personally owned, and boutique presses?
Yes I do….but the publisher must (a) publish more than one author, and/or (b) be a member in good standing with at least one of the following associations: American Booksellers Association (ABA), Children’s Book Council (CBC), Publishers Marketing Association (PMA), or Small Publishers Association of North America (SPAN).

Do you charge a fee?
Currently I do not, but that is subject to change in the future. I am a professional writer. It takes time to read someone’s material, assemble your thoughts and observations, formulate an opinion /observation and construct the review.

Do you provide information about the author below the book review?
Yes. The following information will appear:
Available for purchase:

If the author wishes, the following additional information will appear:
Links to: the author’s web site and any social media links the author wishes to share (Facebook/Twitter/Instagram).
A photograph of the author.
A short author bio (50 words or fewer) with a link to the author’s web site (if he/she has one) so readers can continue learning more about the person who wrote the book.

Why Should I Let You Review My Book?
I am a published Author.
I have been called “a versatile writer”  because of the various topics I write about. It has been commented that each of my books are so different they could not have come from the same writer. I believe this versatility allows me to have an open-mind about topics from cuddly animals, to monsters, to God, to fairy tales when reviewing books.
I have a degree in Advertising Copywriting from the prestigious Miami Ad School.
I have been writing professionally for over 23 years.
I have written a few movie reviews. A sampling of my work can be seen here at Upcoming Discs.
I have worked with well-known celebrities like The Dixie Chicks and Charlie Daniels.
I have written television scripts for a children’s cartoon show.
I have appeared on television, radio and in magazines discussing my books.
I had a song published for the National Click-It-or-Ticket Campaign.
I am on Wikipedia.
I am hardworking, dependable and honest.
You and your book get exposure. Like they say, “Every little bit helps.”
You can read more about me under About

Why Did You Decide To Become a Book Reviewer?
I enjoy reading books, helping writers and I love to write. I always root for the writer who struggles to get his/her work out there and read. I have been there and I know how you feel. Being a writer is frustrating sometimes, but it is also very rewarding if you hang in there and keep trying. I believe writers should be willing to help other writers.

Due to the large volume of requests I receive, please be patient, I will respond. In addition to writing book reviews, I am also writing books, as well as doing freelance writing for others. If I do accept your book, please anticipate at least a one month wait from the time of acceptance until your review is posted – though it could be sooner. I like to take my time reading so that I am able to provide a fair and honest review, with attention to detail.

Finally, I post reviews based on the order in which accepted books are received. I look forward to reading your work and helping your dream as a successful writer come true!


Normandy D. Piccolo
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